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We're building a new and dynamic personal training team for your strength, fitness and performance goals.  Each of our coaches brings a unique perspective to training and years of experience. Reach out to them directly or contact us with any questions you may have. 

Start building your legacy now!

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Built by Remington

My name is Tyler Remington and I have been training for 10 years, and a personal trainer for 5. I grew up in Montreal QC, and have always been passionate about training and seeing others work hard to achieve their goals. My mission is to help anyone grow in discipline, strength, and endurance through dedicated work-out plans unique to your individual needs. Whether its boxing, bodybuilding or strength training, beginner to advanced I am here to help conquer your goals.


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Melissa Morrison

Personal training with Fitness Pro and Nutrition Expert Melissa Morrison.
Get started on your dream body & Get your Custom Nutrition plan, one on one Personal Training or online coaching with 3 x Champion and 20 years of experience with Melissa


Jacob Edwards

Jacob Edwards is the 2018 Golden Gloves Champion in the sport of boxing. He is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals while encouraging a meditative focus while coaching. Jacob Edwards is a boxing / strength and conditioning Coach and is extremely passionate about about the sweat science of boxing and how it can relate to life. Benefiting his clients physically, mentally and spiritually. Pushing his students to be the best version of themselves and leading by example. Striving to be one of the Top coaches in Canada & always on a quest for knowledge.

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